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The Blackberry Mobile Data System (MDS) is a fantastic option for developers who want a lot of basic functionality for their applications without having to write time consuming low-level code. All MDS applications are designed to work with the Blackberry’s Enterprise Solution software, which is an entire framework of business applications that help professionals to manage the vital information that their businesses depend upon. Enterprise Solution includes software that handles collaboration, email, MMS, SMS, intranets, databases, customer relationship management, and much more.

BlackBerry can be used not only for emails, but also Customer Relationship Management (CRM), field service, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), order entry, Internet and intranet access, instant messaging and more all the tools and applications necessary for you to make important decisions quickly.

The BlackBerry mobile phones market share could be set to come under attack by Finnish mobile giants Nokia, with the Nokia E72 business smartphone set to hit the shelves targeting the female consumer population. Nokia is aiming to attract working women to the smartphone, increasing its market share in the enterprise market to compete with BlackBerry/RIM.

BlackBerry Widget Software Development Kit is very much helpful to develop web based BlackBerry application development that really looks and behaves as the native application. Widget SDK allows application developers an easy development option that is completely different from the Mobile Data System and J2ME.

Mobile Data System framework for Blackberry Application Development provides tools to build and deploy applications for the Blackberry Enterprise Solution for new generation. It can also provide multiple development options and developer tools, and it uses standards-based mechanisms and protocols to simplify integration with existing applications and systems

BlackBerry Smartphone Application scan be used for various industries, business types and business needs. It includes various applications apart from wireless email as well.

Complex custom applications across diverse categories as:

  • Business intelligence applications
  • Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Consumer Applications
  • Business-to-Consumer Applications
  • Time & Expense Applications
  • Internet and internet access
  • Content delivery applications
  • CRM Applications
  • Field service applications
  • Order entry
  • Instant messaging